Listen to WAUG

High Quality (256k)

Medium Quality (96k)

Low Quality (24k)


Broadband / Dial-Up / Mobile (24k)


You can listen to WAUG on-campus through Mediacom cable on channel 18.

How to Listen

WAUG utilizes streaming MP3 to carry the audio stream to you. Most computers are capable of playing this stream without needing any other software. Click one of the links to the left to give it a try. The stream works with Winamp, Windows Media Player VLC, iTunes, and many others.

If your current MP3 playing software isn't working well, we recommend downloading Winamp. For non-Windows users, we recommend using VLC.

Listen on your Cell Phone

QR Code for http://waug.fmSmartphone users can also listen to WAUG on-the-go! Visit in your phone's web browser and tap the listen link. Most should use the "3G" link, but if you have a phone capable of 4G, or a very reliable 3G connection, you can use the "4G / WiMax" link to listen to a higher-quality stream.

If you are using an Android phone and are unable to listen to our streaming audio, you will need to download an application in order to listen to WAUG. Install XiiaLive, a free streaming audio player, and redownload the WAUG audio stream.

If your phone has a QR code reader, you can scan the code to the right.