Ryan Jenkins and Ethan Halsall interview - WAUG Studio - Symposium Day 2014

WAUG is currently seeking Augustana students to host on-air radio shows. If you are a communications major/minor, or simply have an interest in music or radio, then we would like to chat with you!

Contact us if you are interested.

Getting Started

There are many ways to get involved. Most students at WAUG start as DJs for their own radio show. Time slots are typically 2 hours long, but students are encouraged to sign up for additional time as their schedules allow.

DJs are allowed to play almost anything they would like, adding to our always-changing loose format of college radio.

Staff Opportunities

There are several staff positions that students may apply for each year. These positions require students to commit significant time to WAUG, but provide students with real-world experiences that they can use post-college.

Applications for these positions are typically accepted during the middle of spring term. If you wish to apply, contact WAUG's faculty advisor Ian Davis.